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Indoor Herb Gardening

indoor gardenIndoor Herb Gardening


Herbs work almost as well indoors as they do outside, and you can grow herbs inside for easy cooking access. One of the more flexible ways to grow herbs is in containers. Here are five great herbs for your indoor garden.


Basil: With dozens of types to choose from, basil satisfies almost any palate. It’s best known as the main ingredient in pesto, but some varieties impart anise, lemon, mint, cinnamon, or clove flavors to foods.


Chives: Chive blossoms are pretty enough to fit in any perennial border. Whether you grow them with your flowers or your herbs, you can harvest chive blooms or the tubular stems to add a delicate onion flavor to dishes.


Dill: Dill’s tangy flavor is synonymous with pungent pickles. Use the seeds, flowers, and ferny foliage to season foods. Harvest leaves as needed, the flowers as they open, and the seeds just as they ripen.


Fennel: Fennel’s fine-texture foliage resembles dill leaves. But this easy-growing plant comes in green or bronze varieties. The herb provides a soft, nutty version of anise in the kitchen.


Garlic: Garlic’s pungent bulbs have long been used for flavoring food and in medicines. It’s even been grown with roses, where it reportedly repels aphids.